The Habit Fix: The New Habit Guide to Getting Happy and Healthy in 7 Simple Steps (The Habit Fix Series Book 1)

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Change your habits, change your life…

Book II in the popular Habit Fix series, The Habit Fix 2: Quickstep on sale now!

The Habit Fix: Part motivation, part road map, this book will take you there.”

“Finally, a common sense, realistic, no-hype, personal improvement perspective and plan that actually works great!” –Constant Traveler

“Motivating and inspiring! Easy read! Loved it!”-Michelle G

”Spoken directly, personally, and with an innate sense of shared humanness…genuinely inspirational.” –Amazon review

”Very succinct and well-written guide to making the positive changes we all long to make. I was impressed with the research behind the writing…Terry W

A no-nonsense, 7-step, guide using the power of habit for self-improvement, good health, confidence and happiness.

If you’re ready to leave behind old habits that have been weighing you down but don’t know where to begin, The Habit Fix has a big, bright arrow that points to “START HERE”.

If you’re serious about swapping a lifetime of unhealthy habits for good, healthy habits but can’t see a clear path through, The Habit Fix will guide you.

Simple, Go-To Habits That Work In Your Busy Life

Our habits create the framework of our lives. Changing a lifetime of habits can seem overwhelming and time consuming, but this book offers quick, go-to habits that bring immediate change, a step at time. If you think your bad habits are deeply ingrained and too powerful to overcome, this book offers 7, simple new habits that show you deep habit change is possible. It targets 7 life areas and offers 7 highly effective habits for personal growth that have brought profound success to thousands of people like you – keystone habits that lead to a healthy habit lifestyle.

Don’t Break Old Habits, MAKE New Habits

The Habit Fix is not loaded with idealistic principles and doesn’t dwell on all you’ve done wrong in life. We hear enough of that already! It takes the focus off that tired tradition of analyzing your “bad” habits and lack of motivation. It’s not about the arduous task of breaking old habits but instead, embracing fresh, new, keystone habits that dissolve the old habits naturally. With 7 new keystone habits, this book offers a positive approach that avoids the trap of negative self-judgement and boosts our natural confidence and healthy self-esteem.

Ideas That Work, Put to Immediate Practice

This is a practical guide with specific, credible information for habit building for a healthy lifestyle that can be put to use right now. It’s not about theories, poetry and feel-good platitudes. It has real, proven tactics for building healthy habits now and direct links to trustworthy, self-improvement techniques - healthy lifestyle tactics that are actually effective and not just marketed effectively. Start with 7 new keystone habits in this first book of The Habit Fix series and build on them later with The Habit Fix 2: QUICKSTEP.

Keeps You On Track To Your Goals

This book will help you create habits that last but don’t require a huge amount of time and brain power. It’s for those seeking deeper evolution and a vibrant, healthy sense of well-being for life-permanent healthy lifestyle habits for REAL change.

Begin Today

This book offers the best resources out there – proven methods of self-development and habit-building that motivate you to get started! The sensible habits in this book are designed for immediate action and offer the combined wisdom of many self-help, habit building books, personal growth and development blogs, healthy lifestyle diet and exercise programs, courses in mindfulness, meditation and motivation, advice from doctors, therapists and healthy lifestyle practitioners.

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